New Toy: Olympus 35-RC (1970)

The Olympus 35-RC is compact range finder camera that shoots onto 35mm film. It was manufactured in Japan during the 70's and was marketed as the worlds smallest range finder at the time. It's a tiny machine weighing in at around 400g that fits neatly into a coat pocket or handbag. It's good looks were initially what got me excited about it but it turns out this is the best camera I've ever had.


The reasons this camera is worth writing about are two fold; firstly it's the only camera I've ever owned with a fully electromechanical auto setting - this means it uses the information supplied from it's battery powered light meter to automatically adjust the aperture depending on what shutter speed you've set and correctly expose the film using only the energy expended in pressing the shutter release button. It also means that you can can shoot very quickly without having to re-check your settings each time.


f./4 | 1/250 | AGFA 200iso C41 Colour | The Sonnenallee, Berlin


The 35-RC has a 42mm lens that goes all the way down to f/2.8 with a super crispy ring finder focus. It can take some getting used to if you've been playing with SLR's up until now - it still has a fully manual setting but you'll have to adjust to using the light meter which requires you to bounce back and forth between the auto and manual setting to get a reading.


f./5.6 | 1/500 | AGFA 100iso C41 Colour | The Goat


That said it's the perfect camera for taking with you when you don't have room for something more substantial or you're bored of using your iPhone...

On ebay: £50