Profile: The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson

I was approached by Essential Arts to produce a micro-site and web graphics for their latest production by Director Julien Temple.

The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson tracks the ex Dr. Feelgood guitarist as he confronts a diagnosis of Terminal Cancer from an uplifting and unexpected philosophical standpoint.  


The film premiered at SXSW last month to an excited audience who immediately took to twitter to vocalise their approval. Numerous reviews have since appeared with an overwhelmingly positive consensus on both the subject mater and Julien's work as a filmmaker. 

When I saw the film a few weeks before it's SXSW debut it was still unfinished but even then it's extraordinary protagonist and twisting narrative left me thinking about it for a long time afterwards. There is also a slow motion clip of someone throwing a bowling ball through a TV set and I find it very hard not to like something like that.

The #WilkoJohnson #JulienTemple dream team’s back. The Grim Reaper never stood a chance...
— @kteltowers
Also loved #EcstasyofWilkoJohnson @JulienTemple @wilkojohnson @ecstasyofwilko.Top film about mortality, life, music and cinema. A must see.
— ‏@Brownstu
This film saved my life
— @peteramartin

A happy coincidence for the team behind the film saw the promo poster that was designed by Johnny Halifax win Special Jury Recognition for Excellence in Poster Design at SXSW. The film will be coming to the Uk in the months to come. Keep up to date by joining their mailing list here.